190114  Kanye West
Kanye West Image Credit: Reuters

Rapper Kanye West surprised fans by releasing a new EP on Christmas.

The Christian project, ‘Emmanuel’, is a “celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ” and features the rappers’ Sunday Service choir group, reports The Sun.

West is the executive producer and composer of the project, which also features his voice.

In addition to exploring various religious themes, the new compositions are also inspired by sounds from ancient and Latin music.

‘Emmanuel’ features five songs — ‘Requiem Aeterns’, ‘O Mira Nox’, ‘O Magnum Mysterium’, ‘Puer’ and ‘Gloria’.

The Grammy-winner first entered into the religious music space with his 2019 project, ‘Jesus is King’, which had also released on Christmas.

‘Emmanuel’ comes after the rapper promised he would release his album, ‘Donda’ on July 24.