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Taemin is all set to make a summer comeback next month.

On June 5, SM Entertainment reportedly confirmed this to various media outlets that were reporting on his pending return to the music scene, disclosing that the youngest member of SHINee will release a new song and is planning solo activities in July.

The K-Pop idol’s first solo comeback comes after dropping Korean EP ‘Want’ in February 2019.

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Taemin has been a member of one of Korea’s most popular boy bands since 2008. He is known for standing out with his androgynous aesthetic and unique artistry.

Considered one of the most influential solo acts in the K-Pop industry, he started off his solo career with debut album ‘Ace’ in 2014 and went on to release a string of hits, such as ‘Danger’, ‘Move’, and ‘Press Your Number’.

In addition to dropping Korean and Japanese discographies, he also joined SM Entertainment’s project group SuperM and filmed the title track music video, ‘Jopping’, in Dubai last year.