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Singer Liam Payne is pitching in to provide meal donations that will aid food banks located in the Midlands, England.

The former One Direction star is helping build a crisis fund for food banks who provide meals to those directly affected by COVID-19, as demand increases due to companies closing and people being forced out of work amid the UK’s ongoing lockdown.

“It’s not right that anyone in our country is unable to afford food. Food banks do incredible work to help the people most in need of support. It’s vital that we get support to those people right now, as this crisis unfolds. The Trussell Trust is working with food banks across the country to ensure emergency help is there for people who don’t have money for the basics,” Payne said.

He continued: “But I’m also donating because of the work they do to work towards a future where no one needs a food bank. We can’t end the conversation with getting emergency food to people, as vital as that is. When we’re out the other side of this, we need to look at why there are people in our country who don’t have enough money for food.”

“I want to play my part in finding a solution to ensure people have enough money to buy their own food — and end the need for food banks,” he added.

Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Ryan Reynolds and Arnold Schwarzenegger have also given millions to help those feeding hungry kids and groups seeking out medical supplies for doctors and nurses on the front lines.