Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth Image Credit: insta/chrishemsworth

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth delighted fans on Instagram as he posted a video showing exactly how he has built and maintained the body of a mythological Norse God.

He captioned it: “Doing a lot less heavy weight sessions lately and incorporating sprint work and more functional movements. A solid full body workout routine. Feeling good.”

He added that he couldn’t reveal if he or the friend he was seen sprinting with at the start of the video, adventurer Ross Edgley, had won the race. He joked: “In case you’re wondering yes I left @rossedgley in the dust… well maybe, unfortunately the camera ran outta film so we’ll never know for certain.”

As per, Edgley commented: “The only person I know who’s muscle fibres are becoming MORE fast twitch and powerful with each slice of birthday cake.” In the video, Chris begins by sprinting up a hill with Ross before the camera cuts to him focussing on bodyweight exercises.

He squats, throws and twists with a medicine ball, gets his arms working with some battle ropes, and makes some tricky forwards and backwards mountain climbers look easy. Unsurprisingly, his 57.7million followers lapped it up. Fellow Aussie Rebel Wilson left some appreciative fire emojis, and Serena Williams commented “Yassss body weight is best!”

Many others were more enamoured with Hemsworth’s sausage dog, who was seen trailing behind them in their race. They begged for more videos of the little pup, and expressed that had they been racing with Hemsworth and Edgley, they too would have trailed behind.

Hemsworth celebrated his 40th birthday on August 11 with a trip to the beach for a surf with pals and his brother, Miley Cyrus’ ex-husband, Liam.