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Indo-Canadian comedian Russell Peters says he was barely making a living out of comedy at the initial stage of his career.

“You don’t need a manager when you start doing comedy. Here’s the thing here, you’re in a different time now. You see how you’ve probably been on TV and you have a show right now and you’re doing corporates and you’re only 10 years in,” Peters said in a statement.

“In 10 years, I did not have any of these things. It was just like nobody cared. I didn’t have a manager, I didn’t have anybody paying attention,” he added.

He says he was “barely making a living”.

The comedian continued: “But I was still doing it because I didn’t know that where I’m at now is where I could be, I did not know that. It wasn’t even like, ‘I know that one day great things will come to me’. I had no clue any of that is going to happen. I was just like, ‘Hopefully, I make enough money one day where I don’t have to worry if my mortgage or rent is gonna be paid’.”

Peters was in Mumbai for his Deported World Tour, which will land in Dubai on June 6.