Armie Hammer Image Credit: REUTERS

Amid the ongoing scandal around his personal life, Hollywood actor Armie Hammer has dropped out of the upcoming series, ‘The Offer’, which tells the behind-the-scenes story of the making of the Hollywood classic ‘The Godfather’.

Several sources have confirmed that Hammer will no longer star in the upcoming series, reports Variety.

Hammer was set to play Albert S Ruddy, who produced ‘The Godfather’, in the limited series about the making of the 1972 Francis Ford Coppola classic.

The 10-episode series will focus on Ruddy’s experience on the set of the epic mob drama. The search is now on for a new lead actor.

The news of his exit comes weeks after Hammer was dropped from the romcom ‘Shotgun Wedding’, in which he was set to star opposite Jennifer Lopez.

The developments are a result of the ongoing scandal surrounding Hammer’s sex life after alleged graphic social media messages were leaked.

The row started when several women on Instagram claimed to have been in relationships with Hammer in the past, and revealed disturbing allegations about his conduct.

The messages, which have not been verified yet, are alleged to be from the actor and claim to depict his fantasies including rape and cannibalism.