Wallis Day
Wallis Day Image Credit: Twitter/Ben Rolph/TheDCTVshow @SXSW @TheDCTVshow

‘Batwoman’ is getting a new Kate Kane. And it’s Wallis Day.

She confirmed the news via Instagram post on Sunday, writing: "Super excited to finally announce I'm joining the cast of Batwoman, "I'm sure you can imagine how much this means to me and how incredible it's been working on the show so far. It's a huge responsibility stepping into the shoes of a character that's already been established and it's a journey I'm looking forward to being a part of and hoping you guys do too. Everyone's made me feel so welcome and it's amazing being back home with my DC family."

She replaces the character played by Ruby Rose on the CW series. Rose, who played Kate Kane, the cousin of Bruce Wayne and Batwoman on the show, abruptly called it quits after the first season. This left the show makers in a bind; they explained Kane’s disappearance from the series owing to a plane crash. Meanwhile, Jaicia Leslie stepped in as Ryan Wilder who’d go on to be the new Batwoman.

The character Kane will therefore return, played by British actress Day.