190927 Salman Khan
Salman Khan Image Credit: AFP

Is there anything Salman Khan cannot do? After acting, producing, painting and singing, the Bollywood star is putting his vocal chords to the test as he recites a poem for the Pankaj Tripathi film, ‘Kaagaz’.

Khan, whose production house Salman Khan Films, is backing the project, also decided to lend his star power to the film’s digital release by reciting a poem for the film.

The ‘Poetry of Kaagaz’ has Khan recite the importance of a piece of paper in our daily lives, from documenting love to becoming an instrument in fighting battles. The poem has been composed by Rahul Jain and the lyrics have been penned by Aseem Ahmed Abbassee.

Directed by Satish Kaushik, ‘Kaagaz’ is based on a true story and stars Tripathi as Bharat Lal Mritak, who fought for 19 years to show that he was alive after the state declared him dead. Kaushik is also seen playing the role of a lawyer in the film.

The film has already opened to positive reviews on Zee5.