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Indian actor-comedian Vir Das’ American TV show ‘Whiskey Cavalier’ has been cancelled after one season.

ABC on Sunday officially announced the comedic suspense series by Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan will not continue, reports Entertainment Weekly.

Foley and his wife Marika Dominczyk, who was a recurring guest star on the series, shared a video on Foley’s Instagram page confirming the same. Dominczyk was in tears in the emotional video.

“We are so sad but ‘Whiskey Cavalier’ will not be coming back to ABC next season,” Foley said in the video.

“It was a tough call for the network, but ultimately they decided not to go with us. We wish them the best. I want to thank my cast and my crew for being amazing to work with. The experience we’ve had here in Prague has been wonderful for us and our family. We have made friends that we will keep forever, and I don’t know, on to the next. Thank you guys — for those who watched, thanks for watching.”

The show, launched in February, follows the adventures of Will Chase (Foley) and Frankie Trowbridge (Cohan) as they led a team of the FBI and CIA’s sharpest minds on a series of missions across the world.

The series was created by David Hemingson, and Ana Ortiz, Tyler James Williams, Das and Josh Hopkins also starred in the dramedy.

Das played the role of an agent named Jai Datta in the show.