Sunny Leone with husband Daniel Weber and adopted daughter Nisha. Image Credit: Supplied

It was three years ago when Sunny Leone adopted her first child Nisha. The actress penned an emotional note on Thursday saying that now, when she looks at her daughter, she sees a glimpse of the strong, independent woman she will become.

In 2017, Leone and her husband Daniel Weber adopted Nisha from Latur, a small village in Maharashtra.

“3 yrs ago you chose us...us to be your mama and papa...to trust us to take care of you...to show us what real love is,” Leone wrote on Instagram. “The second I laid eyes on you, I knew you were my daughter. Today I look at you and I see a glimpse of the strong independent woman you will become.”

She added: “After this year I know you will have many questions but I will be there every step of the way while we figure it out together. I love you Nisha and Happy ‘Gotcha’ Day. You are the light in our lives and the reason for all our joy everyday!!”

In 2018, Leone and Weber welcomed their twin sons Noah and Asher via surrogacy.