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Actor Saif Ali Khan, who has been grabbing the headlines for his response to a paparazzi over invasion of his personal space, has clarified that the security guard of his building will not be sacked as he was not at fault.

Saif mentioned that he will not take the legal course of action against the paparazzo but firmly maintained that barging inside the private property was completely uncalled for on his part.

The actor said in a statement: “The building security guard is not being sacked, it is not his fault and neither is anybody taking legal action against the paparazzi because that is not how we want to do things.”

Taimur Ali Khan with Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan
Taimur Ali Khan with Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan Image Credit: AFP

Earlier, Saif got agitated with the behaviour of paparazzi as they tried to invade his personal space. He commented sarcastically: “aap ek kaam kariye humaare bedroom mein aa jaaiye (why don’t you come with us to our bedroom?).”

His reaction since then has gone viral on the Internet.

Affirming his stand, the actor further mentioned: “However, the fact is that they did barge inside private property through the gate, past the security guard and completely invaded our space and put 20 cameras and lights on us as if it’s their right to do that, and this is wrong behaviour and everyone needs to be in limits. We cooperate with the paparazzi all the time and we understand but outside the house, outside the gate, otherwise, where does one draw the line?”

“That is why I made the comment about the bedroom because they had already crossed one line, so how many lines does one have to cross before it’s utterly ridiculous. The paparazzi shooting the children, while they are doing extra curricular classes or any class, all this is not required, paparazzi cannot come inside the school, there are lines drawn,” he added.

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“That’s all we are saying and the rest of the noise and chatter is because no one knows what the truth is and everyone wants to sell something but this is the truth and that’s all I have to say, thank you,” he concluded.

Earlier, actress Alia Bhatt too took to her social media to slam a paparazzi for taking her picture from nearby without her knowledge while she was in the comfort of her home.

Alia Bhatt
Image Credit: insta/aliaabhatt

Alia’s social media post garnered support from the members of the Hindi film fraternity who were of the view that the growing paparazzi can prove dangerous to stars’ privacy.