Ranveer Singh, second from left, with Kaam Bhaari (Kunal Pandagale), SlowCheetah (Chaitanya Sharma), Spitfire (Nitin Mishra) and Navzar Eranee (seated). Image Credit:

Actor Ranveer Singh has launched the second song of his music label IncInk.

‘Paathshala’ raises pertinent questions about the education system of India.

IncInk, a joint venture between Singh and Navzar Eranee, has hand-picked rap/hip hop artists Kaam Bhaari (Kunal Pandagale), SlowCheetah (Chaitanya Sharma) and Spitfire for the launch.

‘Paathshala’ marks the debut of Spitfire (real name Nitin Mishra), who is seen singing and acting in the video.

The song is his own life story about how he found strength to break through stereotypes and discover his real identity. Mishra sings about education and learning and about setting himself free.

“This song got my attention because it is actually about how the birth of Spitfire, the performer, saved Nitin Mishra. Our society has stratified rigid methods of education, learning and consider these the ultimate benchmark of a person’s abilities. We disagree,” Singh said in a statement.

Eranee added: “Being yourself is considered an act of revolution in today’s culture. Art and expression free us from the conditions of our lives.”