Nana Patekar Image Credit: IANS

Actor Nana Patekar on Saturday pushed aside the mics of media people at the airport in Jodhpur as they asked him questions about Tanushree Dutta’s allegation that he sexually harassed her on the set of a film a decade ago. Later, he said that lies will remain lies.

Patekar was on his way from Jodhpur to catch a flight to Mumbai when paparazzi questioned him about the accusations. The actor avoided the questions and made his way straight into the airport.

In another video, before Patekar was getting into a car, he said: “I have already answered... Jo jhooth hai woh jhooth hai [what is a lie is a lie]”.

The actor, who was in Rajasthan to shoot a film, is likely to hold a press conference in Mumbai in a day or two to address the issue.

Last month, Dutta accused the actor of harassing her on the set of their 2008 film Horn Ok Pleassss. She had talked about the incident a decade ago too, but said her voice was suppressed by those in powerful positions.

The naming and shaming has led several women to come forward and point fingers at sexual harassment incidents they have faced, and several celebrities in showbiz, who have condemned the practice, have spoken out in support of the #MeToo movement.