Aamir Khan and Nitinn R Miranni
Aamir Khan and Nitinn R Miranni Image Credit: Courtesy of Nitinn R Miranni

Indian comedian and actor hopeful Nitinn R Miranni, who grew up in Dubai, got a ringside view of working with Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan after collaborating with him on a song.

“Being in a song with Aamir Khan is equal to having a five-day workshop with a legend ... I don’t need any payment for this song, just being in his presence and watching him work is my biggest payment,” said Miranni in an exclusive interview with Gulf News.

His song cameo with Khan is a part of Amin Hajee’s directorial debut ‘Koi Jaane Na’, scheduled to release on March 26 in cinemas. Choreographed by dance duo Bosco–Caesar, the song also features Elli Avram.

“Having a song cameo with Aamir Khan was the absolute highlight ... Aamir sir was so generous with his time and wisdom. Ask him about how he pulled off a particular scene in one of his hit movies and he would patiently regale us with his process and what went down. He’s a genius and he’s simply amazing at his craft. I got to learn so much from him,” said Miranni. The comedian was particularly impressed with Khan’s attention to detail and his eye for what works in Bollywood.

The song with Khan, set in a nightclub, was shot during the pandemic in Jaipur.

“We were always wearing masks and shields. There were several medics on the sets and we felt completely safe ... We were in a bubble for all those five days of shoot... But now that I have a song with Aamir Khan, I can claim that my Bollywood career took off in a pandemic ... Plus I have a newfound respect for songs in Bollywood. I am never going to skip any song in a movie while watching it ever,” said Miranni.

The comedian, who is working towards a significant Bollywood breakthrough, has acted briefly in movies including ‘City of Life’, directed by Emirati filmmaker Ali F Mostafa. He’s a trained actor, but it was his career in stand-up comedy that took off first. Miranni has opened for global comedians including Trevor Noah in Abu Dhabi.

“In my eyes, acting is a natural progression for an artiste and acting happened to me organically,” he said.

He wasn’t born to an acting dynasty and is hoping to make inroads into an entertainment industry that’s known for its hostility towards outsiders.

Asked if he was ever faced a ‘casting couch’ experience, Miranni said that such unsavoury demands were made during the start of his Bollywood breakthrough hunt.

“But now with the #MeToo movement, there’s a lot of fear and that makes us feel safe,” said Miranni.

The actor also has a web series planned with the Adhikari Brothers, known for their thriller projects.

“My biggest learning from the COVID-19 pandemic is that you may have cute plans, but a pandemic can destroy it all,” he said. “So just shut up and work.”