Filmmaker Kaustav Narayan Niyogi and producer Pooja Bhatt. Image Credit: Supplied

Pooja Bhatt’s production ‘Cabaret’, a film about the life of a cabaret dancer, is all set to make its much-delayed debut on the Internet as a web feature film on January 9. The team said it is glad it will reach its right audience via the medium.

The beleaguered project started in 2015 with Richa Chadha and Gulshan Devaiah in the lead. Directed by ad filmmaker Kaustav Narayan Niyogi, it was meant to be start-to-finish project that Bhatt launched with much excitement.

“I was contemplating a newcomer for the part. And I nearly went for it. But then I realised it was too much to expect a newcomer to deliver what the character required,” said Bhatt.

Not only is the girl in the title role required to perform the traditional cabaret, she must also be a top notch dramatic actress.

“It’s a very difficult role. Somehow Richa’s face kept returning into my mind. When I mentioned her for the role, some people told me she was too desi, too much of a Delhi girl. But I feel the sensuous side of Richa is ready to be tapped. I asked her to meet me,” said Bhatt, adding: “Richa came straight over and said, ‘You wanted to see me about something urgent?’ I told her I want her to do ‘Cabaret’. We were both on the same page on this. Richa knew she’ll have to work very hard to get a cabaret dancer’s body language right.”

About the director, Pooja said: “I had been asking Kaustav to direct a film for years. He finally took the plunge...I can see the crackling chemistry between

Bhatt said she is very happy with the web release.

“What I thought then was a roadblock turned out to be the universe conspiring to give ‘Cabaret’ a platform that represents the future, which is now.”

Bhatt herself had her origins on the web.

“My launch came from ‘Daddy’, a film produced by Doordarshan. The industry then questioned why Mahesh Bhatt was launching his daughter in a TV film but the medium enhanced the films and ensured it still resonates in people’s hearts. Also, Zee Telefilms and Mahesh Bhatt created a stir, and how, with ‘Phir Teri Kahaani Yaad Aayee’. The satellite and digital space is where the audience for ‘Cabaret’ lies. A discerning lot who don’t rush to the cinema hall on the first day, first show and prefer instead to consume their entertainment at their time and comfort,” added Bhatt.

The movie will stream on the digital platform, Zee5.