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1. @3yshart

This Instagram account belongs to 19-year-old Emirati artist Aysha Alnuaimi. Art is hobby for this engineering student based in Sharjah. The self taught artist told Gulf News: "I usually work with acrylics on wood, and I also like to paint on unusual things such as what you see in my account." Her feed shows how the artist explores with everyday objects to transform them. And, if you are a fan of minimalism, you will love her Instagram feed.

2. @paintings4i

For 13 years Bojana Marinkovic, a Serbian expat in the UAE, was chasing a career working for multi-national corporations as a data analyst, she didn't realise that she would be happier as an artist. It was her friends who encouraged her, and soon she was painting for eight hours straight almost every day. The economics graduate told Gulf News: "When I started my university it was war. Actually my whole youth I spent in poverty. But as much poor we were on one side, on the other we were rich culturally, spiritually, socially. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to argue with my parents to study art. I finished Economics, and did masters in marketing. But, as I started painting, I was so into it I started courses, and consultation with professional artists. People started asking me to paint for them. It is so rewarding and motivating..."

3. @silvia_sidoroff

Love a pop of colour on your news feed? Silvia Sidoroff, is an abstract artist living in Abu-Dhabi, originally from Romania. She said: "My art focuses on cubism, and I really love using bright colors and strong contrasts."

4. @by.wasan

Sculpture, ceramic, paintings and calligraphy, this Instagram account has it all. Wasan Wisam Alsaegh from Iraq is a UAE-based doctor. He said: "Art is just an hobby for me."

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5. @theearthandfibre

Indian expat Simmi from Kerala, lives in Abu Dhabi. The macrame artist calls herself a "craft addict, and a DIY enthusiast, using creativity as meditation and therapy." She said: "My Instagram page was born from my love for the slow made. Here I display my passion for handmade decor with natural fibre and clay. I try and incorporate elements from the Nature and keep my work eco friendly by using natural wood and natural materials to dye the rope."