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What are some real use cases for the blockchain in the era of Covid-19?

First of all, it has been great to see the IT sector unite to fight Covid-19. Even Apple and Google have joined forces to develop a platform on their mobile devices operating systems, iOS and Android.

The platform will allow app developers from all over the world to build contact tracing apps to help to identify the infected people as early as possible. This is a great solution but there are some privacy and security issues that only the blockchain can solve with its decentralised unhackable data model.

How has YottaChainMENA been working with clients to transform their business processes in this unprecedented era?

This unprecedented era will change most business processes permanently. Businesses are digitalising their processes. We are helping them on this process but simultaneously we will introduce the ultimate benefits of what process decentralisation will bring to companies. Our experienced team of IT and blockchain professionals will help companies become fully digitalised on the most secure, efficient and cost-efficient way by implementing their processes in a decentralised manner.

With larger numbers of people working from home than ever before, what can decentralised data solutions offer?

We are helping companies to transform their business fully or all almost fully online. But not just that. When companies are storing their data on our decentralised data storages, they make huge savings, their data is stored in the most secured manner and on top of everything our patented technology will give their data the best privacy in the markets.

There are some privacy and security issues that only the blockchain can solve with its decentralised unhackable data model.

- Pekka Kelkka, CEO, YottaChainMENA

What are some exciting areas of investment on the horizon in the blockchain sphere?

There are two major sectors on blockchain that are taking huge leaps forward as we speak. One is DeFi — decentralised finance — and the other is enterprise applications.

I’m happy to say that our decentralised data storage will be the best platform also for these decentralised solutions. Stay tuned, big things are happening soon!

Can data storage survive Covid-19 without privacy violations?

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Pekka Kelkka, CEO, YottaChainMENA


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