Yogesh Valaulikar2
Yogesh Valaulikar, Managing Director, Aqua de Fonte Image Credit: Supplied

Aqua de Fonte is a youthful and energetic brand targeted at the urban middle class. This is best represented by the vibrant colours of the brand logo, which signify the youthful energy of Aqua de Fonte.

“We launched Aqua de Fonte in 2017,” says Yogesh Valaulikar, Managing Director, Aqua de Fonte. “The decision to venture into this space was the outcome of our strong intent to build a home-grown brand in the fast-growing food and beverage industry in the UAE and establish a business footprint in the consumer space.”

Starting with a capacity of 5,000 bottles per hour (BPH), Aqua de Fonte has now grown to 30,000 BPH at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at the Dubai Investment Park 2. What is the mantra of its success? “Although we were a new entrant in the bottled water segment, we quickly established a foothold in the market on the basis of focussed market study,” says Valaulikar.

“The research was centred on the key success factors for a packaged water business that is brand identity, colour scheme, packaging, distribution channel partners, on-trade and off-trade service formats and competitive offerings. It was a hands-on exercise with direct involvement and oversight from the promoters and advisors to draw inferences on the basis of authentic and real market data and insights. Aggressive brand promotion certainly helped create a unique brand identity.”

Over the past three years, Aqua de Fonte bottled water has created a niche for itself and won customer loyalty primarily because of its quality, taste, consistency and smart packaging. “The water has a distinctive natural taste, which gives a refreshing feeling to the consumer,” says Valaulikar.