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As a business that started in the study of its Co-founder and Chairman, Neil Petch, Virtuzone has always been a company that celebrates and champions the spirit of entrepreneurship.

It is the driving force that has continuously inspired Virtuzone over the years to empower entrepreneurs by making it easier and simpler for them to realise their goals.

Today, under the leadership of Neil, Geoff Rapp, Co-founder, and George Hojeige, CEO, Virtuzone has achieved a stellar track record of enabling more than 40,000 entrepreneurs from 180 countries to set up their own businesses in the UAE.

Going above and beyond the initial paperwork

While the core of Virtuzone’s services is a seamless and cost-effective business set-up, the company makes sure that its clients are not just set up right from the start, but that they are also well-equipped to manage their business operations on a daily basis.

Virtuzone’s business support services were launched especially for this. The Dubai-based company has in-house teams providing timely, professional and efficient solutions for its clients in the following areas: accounting, payroll, bank account opening, branding, copyright registration, mail management, VAT registration, IT support, office space leasing, receptionist services and more.

Competitive and value-driven business set-up solutions

The solutions that Virtuzone brings to aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses are hinged on its mission to consistently deliver a high-level of service and customer satisfaction within competitive rates.

Complementing this is Virtuzone’s commitment to provide unbiased, expert advice that allows entrepreneurs to establish their companies in the most advantageous jurisdictions for their nature of business, and with the right trade licence and activity.

Throughout its 12 years of operations, Virtuzone has always sought to provide its clients with innovative solutions that add value to their businesses and help propel them to sustainable growth and success.

“As our customers succeed, so do we,” said Neil.