The new beach runs a few hundred metres, starting from one side of Al Mamzar Beach Park on Al Khaleej Road. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Dubai: A new beach in Al Mamzar does not appear to be officially open yet but that isn’t stopping residents and tourists from flocking to the new sunny stretch of soft white sand.

The new beach runs a few hundred metres, starting from one side of Al Mamzar Beach Park on Al Khaleej Road.

The public beach, which still has some barricades in place, has washrooms, showers cubicles and children’s play areas. The solar-power lampposts are covered in plastic at the moment. Irrigation pipes too have been provided to green the play areas.

Dozens of mainly-Western beachgoers can be found along the pristine stretch of sand but it is unclear if the beach is meant to be off-limits at the moment.

Dubai Municipality, which manages the beach, could not be reached for comment.

A number of beachgoers flock to the area as it is quiet, relatively unknown and away from the more crowded beaches. There is already one public beach in Al Mamzar and another inside Al Mamzar Beach Park, which has an entry fee.

More people have been visiting the beaches in Al Mamzar apparently after the hugely popular Jumeirah Open Beach was closed to allow for a private development project to take shape.

The new beach, which has no sign to indicate its name, also has a breakwater at each end. There is a walkway that allows visitors to access the end of the breakwater.

“I went there recently with some friends. It’s really nice and not crowded. There is a mosque and an Arabic restaurant on Al Khaleej Road also,” said an Indian resident.

Shabina, a Sharjah housewife, added: “I was going for some tea in the area and noticed the new beach. It’s beautiful, I want to take my kids there. I can definitely see it catching on.”

Parking is free on the road and the walkway is wide, with benches provided for rest and relaxation. Visitors to the beach enter through openings in a short concrete barrier that runs along the road.

There was no beach in the area previously as the coastline was sealed to allow for the Palm Deira project works to continue. Huge breakwater rocks dotted the area but now the stretch has been transformed into a beach.

The municipality has set up signs highlighting the beach rules and urging visitors to respect regulations.