What will work with millennials? With this demographic soon to be make up largest component of guests, hotels will need to finetune their ways. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Experience over things is the mantra for millennials. Their travelling style is way different than it used to be other generations.

When it comes to their stays, they seek practical options that are easy and on-the-go. And yet, believe it or not, millennials can be sought-after hotel guests, given that they prefer minimal yet practical stay options. Hotels must address the demand and supply aspect that the millennials are seeking, mainly budget-friendly options with all-inclusive hospitality.

According to an analysis by eHotelier, the millennial traveller already makes up over one-third of the world’s hotel guests.

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Manage those expectations

This brings several questions in the hotelier’s mind; What are their expectations? Are they looking for traditional experiences or are they more inclined to the self-service category? What is the selling factor to receive their constant loyalty? What approach should hotels consider to appease millennials?

The answer to all these is that millennials seek a contemporary, chic, convenient, hassle-free and user-friendly stay. Being budget-friendly is another important factor.

Their preference is to have unique stay experiences and within the reach of their fingertips. And 87 per cent use social media to inspire their booking options, making social media a crucial driver for travel research and decision-making.

This is a point that the hotels need to catch and play on. All in all, the surge in millennial travellers will only increase year-by-year and hotels need to keep evolving themselves to keep this segment of travellers engaged, making them want to come back more often.

- Ursula Chidiac is General Manager of Studio M Arabian Plaza Hotel & Hotel Apartments.