Tourism is one of Dubai's key sectors. Image Credit: Gulf News archive

Dubai:  Visitors traveling to Dubai this summer are likely to spend about $1,523.82 or Dh5,500 in three days, higher than what they would spend in many other holiday destinations in the world.

The emirate has been ranked the ninth most expensive city for international travelers in the latest annual TripIndex by travel site TripAdvisor.

The priciest is Cancun, Mexico, followed by Zurich, Switzerland (2nd); New York City (3rd) ; London, UK (4th); Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (5th); Paris, France (6th); Tokyo, Japan (7th) and Toronto, Canada (8th). Singapore is the tenth priciest city for a summer holiday.

The index helps travelers discover destinations that offer the best value for their money by comparing the cost of a three-day trip during the summer in nearly 60 key tourist cities around the world.

The index factors a four-star hotel stay, an organised tour or activity at local attractions, a round-trip taxi ride, as well as lunch and dinner.

For those looking to take a summer escape outside the country, travelers will do their wallet a favour if they head to places like Hanoi, Vietnam, where a three-day stay can cost only $732 (Dh2,688), the cheapest in the world.

In Hanoi, a traveler will likely spend an average of $15.97 for lunch, $45.36 for dinner and $4.10 for a two-mile taxi ride.

Warsaw, Poland is the second cheapest city to travel to, with a three-day vacation estimated to be around $739.38.

In Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, the third least expensive city to explore during the summer, a three-day stay will likely cost around $820.26.

Bangkok, Thailand, another popular destination among UAE residents, is the fourth cheapest city, where a traveler on a budget will spend around $822.36, nearly half of what they would spend in Dubai.

Taking the fifth spot is Mumbai, India, where lunch will cost around $20.88 per day or the overall three-day spending will be approximately $846 on average.

Also worth checking out are Lisbon, Portugal, which is the sixth least pricey city for summer travel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (7th); Marrakech, Morocco (8th); Manila, Philippines (9th) and Berlin, Germany (10th).

Below is the list of top 10 least expensive destinations: