A sustainable farm at VeggiTech's facility in Sharjah Image Credit: Supplied


This is an Agrotech company with the sole aim of disrupting the agriculture industry. VeggiTech focuses on addressing the key challenges of traditional farming – soil, temperature, and water through its design of protected hydroponics and grow lights-assisted hydroponics. The company has chosen the challenging conditions of the UAE to demonstrate the positive use of agro technology and create sustainable farms aligned to the UAE’s vision of food security.

The global food ecosystem is fundamentally broken. So while VeggiTech produces food for everybody on the planet, over 30 per cent of the food is wasted and yet 15 per cent of the people go to sleep hungry every night. VeggiTech has chosen the path of grassroot engagement with the future leaders — students — and deep alignment with local and global industry leaders and institutions to disrupt the status quo and make the planet a better place for all.

Contact details

Veggitech.com; 058 263 1317 ; 06 881 1861; info@veggitech.com

Armela Farms

This is the largest hydroponic lettuce farm in the UAE, producing 5,000 heads of lettuce and one tonne of kale every day. Its produce is locally-grown, pesticide-free and available 365 days of the year. It is looking to promote food security in the UAE by reducing the imports of lettuce and supplying from its own production facility, while its mission is to utilise unused desert land and transform it into a hi-tech, sustainable food production facility.

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Armela Farms currently produces 5,000 heads of lettuce and one tonne of kale daily Image Credit: Supplied

Tech-enabled solutions

Armela Farms’ new facility in Abu Dhabi will be using a hybrid growing system, taking advantage of the natural light availabile in the region along with a sophisticated cooling system. The facility will be fully automated and it will be using the latest growing technologies in the world.

The production capacity of the farm will be 25,000 heads of lettuce daily and its first production will start in July 2021.

Contact details

Armelafarms.com; info@armelafarms.com; call 04 442-4929

Phoenix Group

The company was established in 1999 by Sami Syed in the name of Dison Tec, which specialises in manufacturing, assembling and distribution of various range of machineries in filling, packaging, and weighing systems. It currently produces all the machines under brand name of Phoenix.

Sami Syed Image Credit: Supplied

Key expertise

Turnkey projects and consultancy for processing, filling and packaging industries; primary, secondary packaging, and FMCG, molasses packaging solutions; Industrial and retail weighing machineries etc.

New launches

Syed, founder and CEO of Phoenix Group of Companies, has invented the German Servo Measuring Device with exceptional features. He has now become a pioneer in electronics and new industrial robotic filling-packaging solutions globally.

Contact details

Phoenix-pack.com; Inpackindia.com; phoenixv@eim.ae; info@phoenix-pack.com; inpack.machineries@hotmail.com; 06 5349919/29; +91 93234 44422