The Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi (SCAD) displayed its innovative digital projects at Gitex 2021. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi (SCAD) displayed its innovative digital projects at Gitex 2021.

SCAD’s projects fall within Abu Dhabi Government’s digital agenda, and echo the readiness and improvement of Abu Dhabi’s digital infrastructure, which attracts various customers, including citizens, residents, visitors and investors.

SCAD previewed two innovative strategic projects at the exhibition, namely the Insights and Foresights Platform, and the Data Driven & Visualisation Tools project. The recently-launched projects offer digital solutions that contribute to the development of government statistical work, and transform data and statistics into effective tools that enable officials to make proactive decisions and devise sound policies based on up-to-date, accurate and reliable information.

“GITEX Technology Week 2021 is an ideal global platform that enables us to highlight the latest digital initiatives and projects that we have devised in accordance with the Abu Dhabi Government’s digital strategy. This strategy aims to reaffirm the emirate’s leading position in enhancing government performance and improving the quality of life for citizens, residents, visitors and investors. The exhibition is also a platform for our team to cooperate and exchange knowledge and experiences on the importance of investing in data, and benefiting from digital solutions and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in boosting statistical work – to be a tool that contributes to achieving comprehensive and sustainable development,” said Ahmed Mahmoud Fikri, Director General of the Statistics Centre-Abu Dhabi (SCAD).

The Insights and Foresights platform, which was recently launched by SCAD, reflects the team’s efforts to build an integrated AI system to analyse public and private sectors data, both statistical data and big data. This is to enable decision makers to follow in real time the process of sustainable development, future planning, and devising proactive policies. The platform is led by a strategic goal: continuing to obtain the largest possible amount of data sources and formulate analytical algorithms – ones to become the largest analytical mind and represent the broader picture of Abu Dhabi for all vital sectors, especially the economic and social sectors.

The platform currently provides decision makers in the Abu Dhabi Government with statistics, data and analysis through interactive dashboards, in order to raise the level of efficiency in managing, using and integrating resources across government entities, and to meet the changing needs of individuals and future societies.

SCAD works with its partners from government entities in Abu Dhabi to continue improving the platform to meet all current and future needs for high-quality data to enable the business community to plan their strategies and make proactive decisions based on recent, accurate and reliable statistical data.