Dubai: Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, has issued Directive No. 1 of 2020 for the Dubai Demand Side Management Strategy 2030 Update.

The updated Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030 places sustainable energy and energy efficiency as top priorities. These include the Integrated Water Resources Management Strategy mandated in 2017 and the Green Mobility Initiative. The Directives mandated by DSCE to drive savings for the number of DSM programmes with the government in Dubai, including the Directive on Installation of Rooftop Solar PV Systems, Building Energy Audits and Retrofits, Green Procurement and Dubai Green Mobility Initiative. The Updated DSM Strategy 2030 includes new programmes such as Fuel & Engine Efficiency, Efficient Mobility and Smart Charging, Recycled & Ground Water Demand Management, and Consumer Behaviour.

The Strategy also aims to implement seven mechanisms, namely Policies & Regulations; Data & Measurement and Verification (M & V); Government Support & Leadership; Communication & Engagement; Financing; Dewa Collaboration and Technologies & Innovation. The Strategy also aims at aligning with the scope of the respective charters, road maps and targets for each of the DSM Programmes and Implementing Mechanisms as per the Dubai DSM Strategy 2030 Update and monitoring and taking action to achieve or exceed the 30 per cent savings target by 2030. It also aims to foster collaboration between the concerned government entities (both the Programme Owners and Support Entities) and DSCE DSM Directorate, Dubai Energy Efficiency Program) TAQATI (and other stakeholders; and reporting of savings and ensuring related data collection in a timely and accurate manner to DSCE DSM Directorate and TAQATI.