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Registering your new business doesn’t need to be delayed because you can’t make it to the office to sign the final papers.

At Sharjah Media City (Shams Free Zone), business owners don’t even need to be in the UAE but can simply finalise incorporation agreements from the comfort of their homes.

Hassle-free experience

A variety of different incentive packages are available for entrepreneurs and SMEs at Shams. Such set-up packages typically include a business licence with up to three activities, a shared desk, one visa for three years with all fees included and an immigration card. In most cases, no e-channel deposit is required, and investors can usually combine trading and consultancy activities on a single licence.

The free zone has licensed more than 6,000 companies set up by investors from around the globe since it was established in January 2017 to serve as a catalyst for the growth of the Middle East’s creative and media businesses. Over its short history, Shams has been home to the launch of an impressive number of new projects to strengthen the media landscape in the UAE, particularly in the fields of entertainment, e-sports and allied media fields.

Shams sits over one million square metres in the business-friendly emirate of Sharjah. The free zone sets itself apart from others in the country by offering a fully digitised set-up and licensing process. Investors do not need to be physically present at the free zone to launch business operations. Entities registering with Shams are sent a digital trade licence with a formation number, in contrast with many other free zones that provide physical licences with a signature and a company stamp. Stakeholders can easily verify establishment details on the free zone’s website simply by entering the formation number.

In line with free zone legislation, Shams offers 100 per cent foreign ownership, and investors may repatriate all their capital and profits.

Over 120 business activities are available under three different licence types: service, trading and industrial. Entrepreneurs considering the new licence need to simply fill out the application form on the Shams website. Investors can expect their new companies to be up and running within five working days.

At a glance

Shams offers cost-effective and seamless business set-up services to start-ups and SMEs

■ The key focus of Shams’ operations is on making the business processes 100 per cent automated and digitised.

■ While many other free zones provide a physical licence, with signatures and stamps, Shams issues a digital licence. You can verify the licence on its website — Shams.ae/license/verification — by entering the company formation number.

■ Every client gets a dedicated customer relationship manager. The investor can correspond with the manager on email or phone from the comfort of their homes and offices.

Unique benefits for entrepreneurs

To reduce the financial burden on SMEs, Shams is currently offering additional discounts on licensing and other services

Up to 35 per cent off onvmulti-year packages

20 per cent reduction on Shams’ fees for concierge services

E-channel deposit waiver

Call 800 Shams (74267) or visit Shams.ae for more details

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