After all the rumours and spy shots — here it is, folks, the all-new eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf.

No, really, this is it. Yes, it does look mighty similar to the Mk7.5 and you have to look very carefully to spot the exterior changes – but you’ll be picking your jaw off the floor when you see the new-look interior.

Gold Eighth-generation
Eighth-generation of the biggest-selling model for one of the world’s largest manufacturers may not look too different from the outside, but it’s a whole new world inside… Image Credit: Supplied

Unveiled at VW’s Wolfsburg headquarters, the Golf – which has sold more than 35 million units since it was launched in 1974 – runs on the same MQB platform and sits 4,284mm long, 1,789mm wide and 1,456mm high and has a wheelbase of 2,636mm making it almost exactly the same in size as the predecessor.

The minor styling changes include a thinner grille and sharper headlights with LED technology as standard that are joined by a new chrome strip running from end to end and through the VW roundel.

Around the back, it features a new raised rear bumper with the ‘Golf’ script written beneath the VW logo while design boss Klaus Bischoff and his team also gave the profile a tweak with a new contoured C-pillar but overall the changes are very subtle.

The biggest changes come inside with the new cabin a minimalist affair and it looks very contemporary…

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