Stock - GMG (Supercare Pharmacy)
Supercare Pharmacy is one of three healthcare brands under GMG 's umbrella, which also includes the sportswear and goods focussed Sun & Sand Sports stores. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Dubai headquartered GMG, known for its Sun & Sand sports stores and Nike franchise, is now adding its healthcare interests. The GMG-owned brands likes Supercare Pharmacy will expand its UAE footprint by more than 40 per cent by end 2022.

“The healthcare industry in the UAE and the wider region is transforming at a rapid pace, with consumer behavior shifting towards preventative care,” said Mohammad A. Baker, Deputy Chairman and CEO. “GMG is ensuring that we take proactive steps to fulfill growing consumer needs while inspiring good health and wellbeing.”

Apart from Supercare, GMG also operates Good Health and Arabella Pharmacy. Good Health is a more recent entrant and offers herbal remedies and dietary supplements, while Arabella Pharmacy provides natural, organic health products.

According to a recent industry report, healthcare expenditure across the GCC will touch $89 billion by 2022. Another survey revealed changing consumer habits, with 62 per cent of individuals saying that they have made significant lifestyle changes towards improving their health. And one in three say they’re eating healthier food, while 28 per cent say they have increased their exercise frequency during the pandemic.

Building up a healthcare track record
GMG’s foray into the health and pharma industry was in 1980 when it launched the Al Khayyam Pharmacy. A decade later, Al Khayyam Pharmacy was rebranded to Supercare Pharmacy, and its reach gradually expanded across the UAE.

Good Health was launched in 1992 while the re-launch of Arabella Pharmacy took place earlier this year.