Amazon's Project Zero drive wants to bring down counterfeit presence to zero. Image Credit: Gulf News Archive

Dubai: The UAE and Saudi Arabia are among the seven countries that Amazon has rolled out its ‘Project Zero’ concept, with the intention to bring down the presence of counterfeits to “zero”.

What it does is protect trademarked brands from having to take on counterfeits in thse country-specific portals.

“The expansion of Project Zero to and is a significant investment that will further ensure our customers across the region receive authentic products when ordering from Amazon’s stores,” said Ronaldo Mouchawar, Vice-President of Amazon Middle East and North Africa.

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“We expect Amazon customers to feel both confident and safe when making purchases from our stores.. We look forward to continuing to work alongside brands to drive counterfeits to zero.”

Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore and Turkey are the other countries that have joined the project, which now runs in 17 countries where Amazon has a store.

What does Project Zero promise to do?

It uses three key components to protect and empower brands:

• Amazon’s automated protection scans more than 5 billion attempted daily product listing updates done globally to look for suspicious listings. These automated protections are continuously fed new information, to get better in automatically preventing and blocking potential counterfeit listings.

• Project Zero offers a self-service tool to empower brands and provides them with the ability to directly remove listings from our store. These removals also feed into Amazon's automated protections.

• Product serialization is enabled by a unique code that brands apply within their manufacturing or packaging process, and it allows Amazon to individually scan and confirm the authenticity of each single purchase of a brand’s enrolled products from its stores. "While product serialization is optional, brands enrolled in Project Zero are seeing the best results when using product serialization," Amazon said in a statement.