Refridgerator Gitex
Adil Javed, 28, presents fridges at the Gitex Shopper. There's an offer on this high-end refrigerator model: it comes with a free iPhone 6s. Image Credit: Jay Hilotin / Gulf News


  • There's a dizzying array of offers as Gitex Shopper enters last few hours
  • For homemakers, there are some interesting deals we found from the world's top brands
  • More than 35,000 products on offer

Dubai: Gitex Shopper is Dubai's extremely popular consumer electronics retail fest, with a dizzying array of offers.

More than 35,000 products are on sale at the Dubai World Trade Centre (Shaikh Saeed Hall), offering some of the best deals you’ll find anywhere in town.

Besides the hard-core IT and electronics items, there are domestic and home appliances, too.

So if you're a homemaker, a kitchen person, or the domesticated type, Gitex Shopper is also for you.

In fact, there are a number of interesting things we found for the queen of the house from the world's top brands here.

50Hz vs 60Hz: What's the difference?
Let's have a bit on clarity on this. If you’re buying ann appliance for use both in the UAE and your home country, make sure they are compatible with the 50Hz/60Hz standard.

The UAE uses the 50Hz standard. Most countries use 50Hz (or 50 cycles per second) as their alternative current (AC) frequency. India also uses the 50Hz cycle.

The standard in the United States is 120V and 60Hz AC electricity. The standard in Australia is 220V and 50Hz AC electricity. In the Philippines, it's 220V 60Hz. Ask the product demo person and keep this in mind if you plan/wish to bring some of the light home appliances home.

What else to see at Gitex Shopper:

Besides the usual IT products such as smartphones, tablets, gaming computers, electronics items, LED TV screens, wireless appliances, wearables, there's so much more to see.


Some of the personal products include fitness and wearable devices, headphones, bluetooth speakers, bluetooth headphones, earphones, TV wireless headphones, DSLRs and advanced point-and-shoot cameras, 360Degree cameras, lenses and tripods, health, beauty and lifestyle products.

Gaming and entertainment

Virtual reality headsets, gaming consoles, joysticks and ontrollers, game titles, gaming accessories and peripherals, audio/video (MP3 & MP4) players, karaoke machines, too.

Domestic and home appliances

Refrigerators, washing machines, microwave Ovens, dish Washers, cookers and ovens, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, bladeless fans, light home appliances, kitchen equipment.

Following are some of the offers on home appliances and personal-care products we've found interesting and are great deals.

1. Air purifier

Brand: Blue Air

Model: Joy-S (up to 16 sqm , 172 sqft)

Blue Air Joy-s air purifier
Big discount offered on Blue Air's Joy-S air purifier at Gitex Shopper, which ends today, Saturday. Image Credit: Gulf News / Jay Hilotin

Features: HEPA silent air purifying system; filters bacteria, dust, virus, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, molds, cooking odor, fitted with carbon with HEPA filter, Swedish brand, assembled in China. With electrostatic chamber, which charges particles to neuralise bacteria; 220-240V; 50Hz/60Hz

Price: Dh499 (slashed from Dh699)

Free: extra pre-filter.

Price: Dh1,099 (slashed from Dh1,299) for Model: Classic 205 (Wi-fi Monitor)

What is HEPA?
High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA), also known as high-efficiency particulate absorbing and high-efficiency "particulate arrest" capacity, is an efficiency standard of air filter.

Common standards require that a HEPA air filter must remove — from the air that passes through — at least 99.95% (European Standard) or 99.97% (ASME, U.S. Department of Energy) of particles whose diameter is greater than or equal to 0.3 µm. See the Specifications section for more information.

HEPA was commercialized in the 1950s, and the original term became a registered trademark and later a generic term for highly efficient filters. HEPA filters are used in applications that require contamination control, such as the manufacturing of disk drives, medical devices, semiconductors, nuclear, food and pharmaceutical products, as well as in hospitals, homes and vehicles.

2. Refridgerator 330L (entry level)

Brand: Midea 

Features: Fiber glass, reversible door; power consumption 333.3 kWh/year, 10-year warranty on compressor.

Price: 999 (slashed from Dh1,399)

Free: Tolley bag with Dh299

3. Refrigerator 410L (mid-range)

Brand: Hitachi

Model: TBG410

Features: Big capacity, Inverter type (low power consumption), 357 kWh/ year; no frost, easy access; bottom loading/bottom freezer, tempered glass shelves,

Price: Dh1,799 (slashed from Dh2,099)

Free: Coffee machine 149 + and flat iron Dh129 Emax

4. Refrigerator 650L (high-end)

Brand: Samsung

Model: RH58K6467

Features: Inverter type (low consumption) 776 kWh/ year; no frost, 2 independent cooling systems for fridge and freezer, digital inverter technology, metal cooling, moisture level up to 75% (locks in freshness so food lasts 2x longer); power freeze/ fridge (3 seconds); vacation setting; door alarm; Control lock

Price: Dh6,399 (slashed from Dh6,999)

Free: iPhone 6s

Refridgerator Gitex
Adil Javed, 28, presents fridges at the Gitex Shopper. There's an offer on this high-end refrigerator model: it comes with a free iPhone 6s. Image Credit: Jay Hilotin / Gulf News

5. Contact Grill

Brand: Bosch

Model: TFB4402GB

Features: Big BBQ surface 32.8cmx2.38cm; variable temperature settings with on/off switch; indicator light; 1800w 220-240V

Price: Dh339 (slashes from Dh369)

Free: Black and Decker Coffee Machine worth Dh149 at eMax.

6. Food Processor

Brand: Black & Decker

Model: FX400-B5

Features: With 18 functions, helps you to grind, mince, chop, slice, shred, knead and whisk; 2 speeds; safety interlocks; value for money processor; 400w 220-240V.

Price: Dh129 (slashed from Dh219) at Emax

7. Blender (Smoothie maker)

Brand: Nutri Ninja

Model: BL 492

Features: Full set 8–piece full set; compact system, total crushing, nutrient and vitamin extraction breaks down whole fruits and veggies for refreshing nutritious juices, precision processing offers even chopping, smooth purees, dough consistency; Ninja Auto IQ; 1.2 litre lend; 1200W 220-240V

Price: Dh499 (slashed from Dh599)

Free: B&D coffee machine worth Dh149 at eMax

8. Vacuum cleaner

Brand: Sharp

Model: EC-CA2422

Features: Fast heat-up; ready for use in 40 seconds; drum vacuum cleaner, with SMS cloth filter bag, trolley wheels for easy manoeuvre, 22L; Weight: 10kg; 3-level continuous steam; 1.4-metre flexible fabric hose, 2400W

Price: 379 (slashed from Dh678)

Free: Flat iron worth Dh129

9. Vacuum cleaner

Brand: Karcher

Model: WD4

Features: Powerful motor, air filtering; wet and dry cartridge filter, perfect for home use; 1.5m flex fabric hose; suction power at 2000w; power consumption 1,000W; 50Hz-60Hz

Karcher vacuum cleaner
Karcher vacuum cleaners promoter Khem KC Bahadur, 33, at the Gitex Shopper electronics retail extravaganza in Dubai. The event ends on Saturday, September 28, 11pm. Image Credit: Gulf News

Price: Dh399 (slashed from Dh599)

Free: Flat iron worth Dh129 or Coffeemaker Dh149

Khem KC Bahadur, 33 eMax

10. Hair removal Kit

Brand: Remington

Model: IPL 6759

hair-removal kit
Maria Joy Romero, 37, promoter of a hair-removal kit at Gitex Shopper Image Credit: Gulf News / Jay Hilotin

Features: Uses “Pro-Pulse” technology — a clinically-proven intense pulsed light that targets hair directly at the roots, resulting in permanent hair-free skin. Can be used for hair removal in the face, body, bikini area. Designed to cover all hair-removal needs; comes with bikini attachment, facial attachment; clinically proven, dermatologically recommended, safe and effective permanent hair reduction (manufacturer’s claim); weigth: 3.57 pounds.

Price: Dh1,049 (slashed from Dh1,899)

Free: Dh250 flight voucher (HolidayMe) + Dh1,000 hotel (India), entertainment, salon vouchers.

Maria Joy Romero, 37, eMax promotion

11. Steam iron

Brand: Shimono

Model: DF-A008A

Features: Steam ironing with fabric steamer function; for household use; integrated fabric brush and fluff remover; ceramic sole plate; dry steam function overheat safety protection; cord length 1.6m; 220-240 V 50-60Hz, 880W;

Price: Dh180 (slashed from Dh250)

Free: 4-piece accessories

Offer: Buy 2 for Dh300

steam iron
Fatima Perez, 50, demonstrates the Dh180 steam iron at Gitex Shopper in Dubai. Image Credit: Gulf News / Jay Hilotin

12. Vacuum cleaner

Brand: Shimono

Model: TCO3B

Features: powerful motor; handheld type, dual cyclone type, multi-stage filtration system; special low noise design; high suction power; 600w; 220-240V 50Hz-60Hz; assembled in Singapore

Price: Dh250 (slashed from Dh450)

Free: 7 attachments, 1 Year warrant (Singapore brand)

Shimono vacuum cleanr
Jerry Alabata doing a product demonstration of Dh250 Shimono handheld vacuum cleaner at Gitex Shopper in Dubai. Image Credit: Gulf News / Jay Hilotin

Jerry Alabata, 40, Shimono handheld vacuum

13. Washing machine (front loading)

Brand: LG


Features: 7kg, inverter direct drive; smart diagnosis; 10 settings; 10-year motor warranty; 1400 RPM, digital controls; 2100w; 220-240V; consumption 152kWh/year; 50Hz-60Hz

Price: Dh1,219 (slashed from Dh1469)

Free: Flat sandwich maker Hitachi HS7020 worth Dh100; 6 pcs Granite cookware worth Dh200 + 4pcs 3L Persil Power Angel

Washing machine Diya Assaad
Diya Assaad, 26, who handles washing machines for Sharaf DG, explains their offers at Gitex Shopper in Dubai, which ends on Saturday, September 28, 2019.. Image Credit: Gulf News / Jay Hilotin

15. Air fryer

Brand: Philips

Air Fryer gitex
A Gitex Shopper deal on Air Fryer. Image Credit: Gulf News

Model: HD9222020

Features: Low-fat fryer; 800grams; digital display; 1400w; 220-240V; 2 year warranty 50Hz-60Hz; Fry with u to 80% less fat; "rapid air" technology with lets you fry with air to make food that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Little or no oil is needed to ensure perfect texture and delicious results; multicooker; black.

Price: Dh399 (slashed from Dh899)

Why is it called "air fryer?"
An air fryer (see sample below), it’s been claimed, can fry things with a fraction of the oil of traditional deep fryers, while still delivering similar taste and texture.

Therefore, it’s often been branded as a “healthier” alternative to deep frying.

Mums swear by it: Oil-less air fryer-roasted chicken taste just as great, if not better. Some reviewers say an air fryer is great for cooking already-fried-and-frozen foods like chicken nuggets, fries. In sum: Using air fryer helps you use less oil overall, and still end up with results that taste good.

Tip: Don ‘t expect your air fryer to replace or supplement your oven.

15. Air Purifier

Brand: Dyson

Model: TP04

Features: Air purifying tower fan (white/silver). Dual functionality: purifier fan purifies year-round, cooling fan in summer; second generation filter captures ultrafine particles from all angles, including pollen, bacteria and pet dander; app connected; automatically monitors, reacts and purifies – then reports to your Dyson Link app; certified asthma and allergy friendly; amplifies surrounding air, giving an uninterrupted stream of purified airflow; night-time mode; monitors and purifies using the quiet settings, and with a dimmed display.

Price: Dh2,299 (affordable models available)

Dyson TP04 air purifier
The Dyson TP04 air purifier. Image Credit: Gulf News / Jay Hilotin