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Dubai: Yes, from as low as Dh120/month ($32) per month. That's what you pay over 24 months if you want to upgrade to the latest iPhone 11 64GB in the UAE without breaking the bank.

So now, you can shoot those amazing 4K videos and high-resolution photos with the ultra wide, wide and telephoto cameras that come with these latest Apple devices.

This Gitex, UAE carriers have made it easier for you to upgrade. Deals for affordable offers are now available at their retail branches (see table below).

It turns out that an iPhone 11 is just a signature away from either Etisalat or du -- at a minimum rate of Dh140 or Dh120/months.

Both carriers offer long-term consumer deals on all three iPhone 11 models released by Apple worldwide on September 20.

Etisalat is now offering the latest iPhone gear both as standalone (outright purchase) a “Smart Pay” offer (device contract). The contract ranges from 12/18/24 months. Please check Etisalat’s offer in the grid below.

Du, on the other hand, is also offering iPhone 11/Pro/Pro Max deals for 12/24 months as part of its “Device Investment Plan”.

An iPhone 11 64GB is yours for just Dh120/month over a 24 month period from du.

iphone 11 Pro range
iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max come in gorgeous midnight green, space gray, silver and gold finishes. Image Credit: Apple

At Etisalat, it’s Dh140/month for 24 months on the iPhone 11 64GB and Dh285/month for the iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB for 24 months.

At du, it’s Dh120/month on the iPhone 11 64GB for 24 months and Dh250/month for the iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB for 24 months.

Options are there for shorter payment periods, too.

Which deal is best for you?

Check the grids below (all prices subject to 5% VAT):

190925 etisalat 2
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iPhone 11 Pro series
The Pro series will also have extended battery life. Apple says the iPhone Pro 11 will last four hours longer than the iPhone XS, and the iPhone Pro 11 Max will last five hours longer than the iPhone XS Max. Image Credit: Screengrab
190925 du 2
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