Afamia Car Rentals
Afamia began with the entrepreneurial vision of Fadi Swaid, who hopes to launch more auto-related businesses in Dubai. By 2020, Afamia Car Rentals will run side-by-side with a car spa (car wash), an automechanical workshop and auto accessories shops Image Credit: Supplied

Tucked away in Cluster V of Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) is Afamia Car Rentals , which is known for its superior customer service at reasonable rates across Dubai.

What sets Afamia Car Rentals apart from the rest is a well-researched range of hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs; unlimited mileage offer; 24/7 roadside assistance; instant customer service (055 733 5512); free delivery in JLT, Dubai Marina and nearby areas.

Afamia started out by introducing a highly-selective range of economy to medium range of cars that were brand new to Dubai.

“Our customers had never driven them before but the ones that did, realised the benefit and why we chose them as part of our fleet,” says Fadi Swaid, Managing Director, Afamia Car Rentals. “They didn't twice before extending their rental term.”

Every car in Afamia’s fleet is a cost-effective rental that's fuel-efficient and responsive. Each car comes with all the essential features for driving comfortably in Dubai: Cruise control, a quality sound system, powerful air-conditioning, USB charging point and neat interiors. Their cars are well-maintained with regular checks in place and cleaned well before delivery.

This is coupled with great rates. You won't need to compare quotes once you've heard Afamia’s offer and experienced its service.

Afamia’s upgraded fleet includes the latest Jeep Wrangler Sport, Mini Cooper, Toyota Land Cruiser and Chevrolet Trailblazer. Customised packages are available based on customer requirements and unlimited mileage, which is rare to find in the UAE.

A convenient office location in JLT is perfect for those looking to rent a car in JLT, Dubai Marina, JBR, Palm Jumeirah and nearby areas. Free delivery and quick service for customers nearby is available on request.

Open six days a week (every day but Friday), you can drop by Afamia Car Rentals from 9am to 7pm. Visit or email for custom quotes.