Shashi Ramakrishnan, Managing Director, Quality International, talks about how the successful delivery of Total’s mega project is helping the firm go after similar big-ticket businesses

When was Quality International founded, what is its vision and mission?

Quality international LLC was formed in 2001 in Ajman before subsequently expanding to the free zone in Fujairah in 2006. In the year 2008 we also established a unit in the Hamriyah Free Zone in Sharjah. Currently, major expansion plans are also in the works in KIZAD, Abu Dhabi, with a waterfront facility covering 172,000 square metres with a 200-metre quay (exclusive), in addition to a 440,000-square-metre industrial plot. Quality International’s vision is to be the most preferred and trustworthy provider of customised products and services to our global partners. Its mission is to provide consistent and timely delivery of high-quality products and customised solutions that are sustainable and fully compliant with global QHSE norms.

What does the company specialise in, please elaborate on the firm’s product and service portfolio.

QICL’s portfolio for manufacturing of products is extremely diversified, with an extensive range of process equipment such as reactors, pressure vessels, columns, site-erected tanks, piping spools fabrication, skid mounted packages and the large modular assemblies. The firm has catered to provide one-of-a-kind equipment and services to customers located among other places in the US, Europe, Austrasia, and the Far East, in addition to GCC countries.

Quality International manufactures products and equipment as well as offers services for the oil and gas industry, power and desalination, chemical and petrochemical, fertilizer etc. The company has acquired skills to manufacture a diversified range of equipment at the best quality that is on par with international standards.

The Total project was a prestigious one for the firm. How do you see Quality International’s partnership with Total blossoming in the coming years?

Total has always held Quality International in high esteem for the safety and quality standards practiced and implemented for this project. Total has shared its appreciation with Quality International for demonstrating a great level of flexibility to adapt with change management.

Any other big-ticket projects from Total or other global partners that you may care to discuss?

Total has gone one step ahead to recommend Quality International for potential business with their global business partners, in addition to including Quality International in their preferred list of suppliers. Quality International is being considered by Total for many other projects across other parts of the world.

QICL staff put in some tough hours for the Total project. As its Managing Director, how do you motivate the QICL staff to give their best at all times?

Quality International treats all employees like family. Everyone is given equal importance. Quality International takes care of its employees and consider their health, well-being and safety a priority. However, it is that personal touch that the management shows its staff that creates the difference, making a company a fantastic employer and a great workplace, something that Quality International takes pride in being.