Ciel, world's tallest hotel to be
Ciel, world's tallest hotel to be, will have his foundation works completed by September 3, when the final pouring takes place. Image Credit: The First Group

Dubai: The foundations for the Ciel hotel project – the world’s tallest hotel to be, according to the developer - at Dubai Marina is nearing completion.

The First Group is the developer of the 82-storey structure, while China Railway Construction Corporation is the contractor. (The latter is also the second largest construction and engineering company based on revenues.)

More than 11,800 cubic metres of concrete and in excess of 3,000 tonnes of steel will be used to construct the foundations, highlighting the sheer scale of the project. The largest concrete pour, completed this week, comprised 7,000 cubic metres of concrete over a continuous 48-hour period.

A final pour consisting of 1,000 cubic metres of concrete is scheduled for September 3.

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“Ciel is the Group’s 18th project in Dubai and our largest and most complex undertaking to date,” said Rob Burns, CEO.

Designed by NORR, the 365-metre tall landmark will have 1,042 rooms, including 150 suites, an observatory and lounge on the 81st floor, and a Sky Terrace featuring an Infinity pool, bar and observation deck.

Other design elements include a 300-metre tall atrium with vertically stacked landscaped and naturally ventilated terraces spanning the 82 floors.

Ciel, World Tallest Hotels to Be
The view from the top... Ciel structure takes a spot along a stretch that already has its fair share of landmarks. Image Credit: The First Group