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Cosy and contrasty homes

Here are the trends that will shape interiors this year and how they will make homes more relaxing sanctuaries

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This year will see a move to more intimate and relaxed spaces
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Interiors are moving towards more intimate and relaxed spaces this year as more and more people look to escape the ubiquitous electronic, “connected” world of today. According to interior design experts at Aalto Villas, a Scandinavian architectural design company based in Dubai, and Sans Tabù, an Italian boutique design firm based in Milan, personal and cosy spaces will go hand in hand with warm colours and strong contrasts.

If you’re looking to add a fashionable touch to your home, then have a look at these trends that are going to have a major influence on housing design this year.

1. Personal, cosy and relaxed spaces

In 2018, we’re going to see a move to more intimate and relaxed spaces.

As people’s lifestyles today involve excessive usage of electronic devices, “offline” space (i.e. devoid of social media, TV, etc.) will become important as sanctuaries for relaxing and downshifting. Flexible interior layout designs and cosy spaces will encourage people to pursue physical and social activities rather than spend time on electronic devices.

Textiles will be heavily used in crafting personal styles

The concept of living together will become more important. We will see family rooms where children can play with their friends and where families can meet. Spaces continue to be more open and combined; multipurpose rooms will be important.

As our homes are increasingly felt like sanctuaries, we will also see a more personal and discerning approach to design and decor, which translates into quality and uniqueness above quantity. Investment into our home is becoming an investment into our wellbeing.

According to Sans Tabù, the kitchen and the bedroom are two areas of the house where we will see a major investment in quality materials. Kitchens are being turned into dining rooms, while living rooms will see the use of fireplaces and comfortable sofas, creating warm and alive multifunctional relational spaces, suggesting peace and sharing. Emphasis is placed on cooking ware and table setting products.

The bedroom, on the other hand, is being “uncovered”, becoming an open room where friends and family can gather in a more intimate way. During daytime, pillows and blankets cover the bed; bedding textiles are acquiring volume as well as a higher workmanship level.

2. Warm colours and strong contrasts

According to the designers, the following colours will dominate this year’s home design: gold, green, yellow, light pink and strong contrasts. Strong and warm colours, such as golden yellow, will often be matched with cognacs and warm browns, chartreuse and olive greens. Gold will also be used for decorative items such as vases, bowls and lamps.

Strong and warm colours, such as golden yellow, will often be matched with cognacs and warm browns, chartreuse and olive greens

Creating energy and freshness, green will prevail in open family spaces. We will see green walls, plants and even trees, etc. Different shades of reds, used as strong accents in upholstery and in statement furniture, will uplift natural interiors or bring in another colour level, without strict matching requirements. People will take risks with regards to colour, choosing pieces they like.

Strong contrasts are also going to be used for carpets, while walls, floors and fabrics will see a monochrome tone on tone approach, whereby coloured elements set against each other create understated drama effects.

3. Recyclable materials and rich textiles

The focus on a more relaxed and natural lifestyle in this year’s interior design will also be visible in the materials used. According to Aalto Villas, concrete, authentic natural materials, and ecological and recyclable materials (pictured below) are going to dominate home design this year. Indoor and outdoor flooring will see the use of concrete, while natural and recyclable materials are used for furniture and partitions.

Concrete, authentic natural materialsOn the other hand, we are going to see a revival of textiles taking importance in crafting a personal style statement, while allowing seasonal or mood variations. Fabrics for bedding, accessories, living room upholstery, curtains, wall hangings and carpeting are becoming more sophisticated. Elaborate weavings and treatments, three-dimensional jacquards and heavy weave loom products will be true eye catchers.

Metallic is also being applied to interiors in many different ways. Sans Tabù, for example, has created fine embroidery for its bedding sets with assorted metallic yarn combinations, as well as added metallic yarn into its knitted cashmere and wool blankets and pillows.

Lastly, as the personal approach to home design is taking over, the attraction to artistic elements increases. Macro wallpaper and carpeting patterns create drama and the ultimate individual scenography. Next to modern rationalist furniture, bold and colourful surfaces are creating strong conversational contrasts.

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