Pool deck in the residential section of the Burj Khalifa. Apartments are now being released on to the market. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Prospective tenants got a feeling for annual rents in the world's tallest tower, as real estate agencies began marketing the first 60 units in the Burj Khalifa this week.

The asking price for a studio on a lower floor with sea view currently stands at Dh140,000, according to real estate ads published yesterday.

One-bedroom units range between Dh180,000 and Dh260,000, and two-bedroom apartments start at Dh300,000.

Units with a view of Dubai Fountain on a lower floor are offered generally cheaper - relatively speaking, of course - than those with sea view on higher floors.

"The asking prices are a first test of how the market responds," said Joe Le Beau, property agent with Elysian Real Estate.

"We are still in the early steps, and this is a very exclusive piece of real estate."

Apartment viewings have to be booked well in advance due to strict security regulations at the tower.

"At the moment, it can be a nightmare to get access to the building," an agent told Gulf News.