Facing challenges: Salman Khoja, Pakistani, Finance professional 

The biggest challenge before moving to Australia was selling my apartment in Dubai and settling my mortgage, which was a cumbersome process. I chose to sell my things instead of shipping them. Dubizzle helped — I sold my things within 36 hours. The most stressful part of relocating to a new country is adjusting to a new environment. Getting used to not having the luxuries of Dubai takes a while. Moving would be so much easier if it weren’t so administratively heavy and I wish there was a company that took care of everything. It is definitely helpful to plan ahead.

Going solo: Amit Karda, Indian, Finance professional

I moved to the UAE in 2015 and decided to stay in Bur Dubai because its environment reminded me of home. My friends told me about the variety of moving services available but I decided to shift from India on my own. This was a tiring and hectic process as I had to take two trips to India to gather my things. However, I managed to deal with this stressful process by labelling and organising all my belongings in advance. I would advise people moving into the UAE to only carry personal belongings as they can easily shop when they have settled in. 

Relocating again: Ruchi George, Indian, Homemaker 

I moved to Dubai two years ago from Muscat and am currently moving back. Once again, I am right in the middle of the tedious process and am trying to find the perfect packers to help us move. As I’m moving for a second time, I know the best approach is to first get in touch with different packers and then select one based on the most affordable quotation. Professional packing services take care of everything, including dismantling your things. Organise beforehand — it makes things easier for the packers. 

New environment: Deanne Brown, Canadian, Homemaker

Moving to Abu Dhabi wasn’t that bad, but finding a packing service that does a good job at a decent price is difficult. I reached out to a community group on Facebook to find the perfect packing service and was lucky to find one. I also made sure to pack certain things myself before handing them over. With the help of real estate agents, I found the perfect place to stay. The prospect of making friends and moving into a new family-oriented community made the move easier.     I suggest people take the time to explore the area they want to live in before moving into a new city.