As more employers take to the internet to hunt new staff, there is an increasing number of applicants hunting for jobs online.

Dedicated career websites of employers generated the most number (65 per cent) of applications for senior positions, according to Cazar’s study.

Job boards, on the other hand, attracted 29 per cent of candidates, while Linkedin emerged as the third biggest source, generating about three per cent of senior applicants.

Other job application tools, including agencies and employee referrals, recorded fewer applications, less than one per cent. Despite its popularity, Facebook, registered low applicant volumes, but Cazar said these sources should not be ignored because they, too, had “produced many high quality profiles that ended in hires.”

“Senior managers probably have a better sense of where they would like to work and are more selective about where they send their CV. Naturally, they prefer to build a direct relationship with these employers rather than going through a third party,” the report pointed out.