Abu Dhabi: Etisalat on Sunday said its customers in the UAE can now enjoy the telecom provider's newly-introduced Collect Call service, "designed to make it easier for customers to connect with friends and family" with calls charged to the receiver.

Etisalat Collect Call service can be used when it is simply preferable for the receiver to pay for the call.

The Collect Call Service has been designed so that callers can make direct voice contact with etisalat customers anywhere in the UAE when they need it most, without being charged for the call.

All etisalat customers are automatically enabled to utilise this service without any extra charge, subscription process or fee and facilitates any mobile device to use this service.

The Collect Call service allows users to call only mobile phones within the etisalat network and a caller could use any telephone within the operator's network, be it mobile devices, fixed lines or pay phones. The recipient receives a voice message asking if they are willing to accept the call, upon which they will be charged the normal tariff on call acceptance.

How to collect call

Customers can also enjoy additional features that help them manage the service with more menu options.

To call any etisalat mobile phone through Collect Call, customers calling from their mobile phones have to simply call *132*05xxxxxxxx#, followed by ‘call' key on their phones.

Fixed line and pay phone users wanting to make a collect call, can do so by dialling 132 and follow the recorded voice instructions.

Etisalat's Collect Call will enable customers to stay in touch with their families at any time without the worry of recharging. They could also use the service when they run out of talktime or need to call from a ‘0'-barred fixed phone.

Commenting on the launch of the service, Khalifa Al Shamsi, Senior Vice-president of Consumer Marketing, said, "The Collect Call service is one of etisalat's many innovative firsts in the country and aims to introduce a new communication channel for customers under any circumstance where the receiver of the call is willing to pay for it.

"The service can especially come handy if the customer has low credit, has lost or forgotten his mobile phone somewhere. In any case, it provides friends, families and colleagues a convenient way to get in touch with each other."

Al Shamsi further pointed out that this service has come as a response to user needs as it is targeted at a wide spectrum of customers.


  • Etisalat has developed advanced features for users to manage and control the Collect Call service by customising it to their needs. This includes the following:
  • White list option for customers to receive incoming collect calls from selected callers automatically.
  • Black list option for mobile numbers that are not allowed to call them using the collect call facility. Such calls will be rejected automatically.
  • A third option is the convenience to ‘blacklist' all numbers except the ones on the white list.
  • Customers can manage these options by calling 132 or dialling *132# or by simply visiting www.etisalat.ae/collectcall to follow directions and use the service.
  • Users are allowed to make unlimited use of the collect call service.