5G technology
Is it really 5G enabled? The National Lab will help you find out whether the promised features are there or not. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: The UAE telecom regulator’s National Laboratory will now be able to test smartphones and their compatibility with next-generation 5G services.

This move will test and certify devices’ compatibility with UAE telecom networks. It will weed out those devices that do not meet standard specifications. The Lab will also help government and private entities examine devices before importing them.

TRA's lab test
The UAE's Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority provides multiple approval services, including registering and approving telecom devices, registering suppliers of telecom equipment, and issuing custom release permits for telecom devices.

The Type Approval Regime works to identify and register telecom devices that can be used in the UAE without causing damage to users, interference of frequency, or damage to telecommunications networks.

It also supervises and participates in approving and registering telecommunications equipment in the country before importing them and ensuring that they comply with laws and regulations.

“The UAE has achieved advanced positions globally in adopting and implementing 5G technologies,” said Saif Bin Ghelaita, CEO of Technology Development Affairs. “The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority is keen to accelerate the pace of spreading 5G due to its great role in achieving digital transformation, applying artificial intelligence and leveraging big data.

“The Authority is keen to ensure that all devices designated for using 5G are safe in order to achieve the desired benefit."