Adeeb Ahamed, MD, LuLu Exchange Image Credit: Supplied

The UAE’s fintech industry plays a vital role in facilitating cross-border payments to a large section of society. The sector, which is considered an essential service, hinges on innovation to continually bridge the gap between technology and consumers.

The people of the UAE are blessed to be part of an economy whose rulers envision a future built on technology. Industry stakeholders such as the Central Bank of UAE, as well as DIFC and ADGM have created synergies both within the industry, as well as between the industry and the consumer, that are shaping the future of fintech on the global scale, as well.

As a responsible fintech with a mission to design the world’s most reliable, seamless and accessible financial journeys, we at LuLu Exchange have expanded across the UAE, providing a variety of services ranging from remittances to WPS and physical bank notes.

Our digital offering, LuLu Money, is among the country’s leading fintech products, and the first in the country to adopt the UAE’s acclaimed WPS scheme as an online payment option.

Through LuLu money, we are designing the customer experience akin to a digital club, with specialty offerings such as instantaneous remittances and a platform to directly connect with our brand and partners.

Our latest offering in the UAE - LuLu Premier, will further enhance the customer experience, by providing personalised remittances, foreign currency & payment solutions for HNIs and corporate customers.

By merging our physical solutions with our digital offerings, we aim to drive financial inclusion and play a significant role in shaping the growth of financial technologies in the country.

On the UAE’s 49th National Day, we congratulate the wise and humanitarian rulers and citizens of this great nation and pledge our commitment to its future happiness and prosperity.