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The 'Investopia Summit' is part of the UAE's Projects of the 50 initiatives. It aims to raise visibility of the country as a destination for more foreign investments. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The ‘Investopia Summit’ has become the first trademark from the UAE to come under the Madird Protocol, of which the country recently became a signatory. Once the registration works with the World Intellectual Property Organisation are done, the Investopia name will be brand protected in more than 125 counties that have signed up with the protocol.

The Investopia Summit was one of the initiatives launched by the UAE government launched last year as part of the first set of ‘Projects of the 50.’ An investment platform, the first summit was held last month. Investopia has set the goal to raise FDI flows into the UAE to Dh550 billion by 2030 and Dh1 trillion by 2050.

"This step will contribute to increasing the number of UAE trademarks protected in foreign markets within the territories of the Madrid Protocol members, who account for more than 80 per cent of the volume of global trade,” said Abdullah Al Saleh, Undersecretary of the UAE Ministry of Economy.

“This will raise the confidence of companies, investors and trademark owners in the country's markets and the UAE’s overall economic environment.”

The Ministry is seeking applications from companies registered and licensed in the UAE and wish to avail the trademark protection offered by the Madrid Protocol in international markets.

The Protocol

It was on September 28 last year that the UAE became part of the Madrid Protocol, which allows trademark owners in one country to protect their brand rights in more than 125 member countries. To get this done, they only need to submit one application rather than have the rights registered for trademark protection in multiple jurisdictions.

In the UAE, they can do so through the Ministry of Economy’s link,