What does the new partnership with Adnoc Distribution and Abu Dhabi Police entail for Al Masaood TBA?
Al Masaood has maintained strong ties with Adnoc, the country’s leading retail fuel service station, for more than ten years now. The new partnership that we have entered into with them is a clear demonstration of the strength of our ties. Al Masaood is both confident and honoured to manage and operate Adnoc Distribution’s Autoserv car care centres in Abu Dhabi, reflecting our leading position as an excellent service provider, resulting in high customer satisfaction ratings.

What maintenance services will be undertaken by Al Masaood TBA at its Autoserv branch at Sea Palace?
The Autoserv Sea Palace branch, to be managed by our Al Masaood TBA division will be promoted as a one-stop-shop for various car care needs. We provide key offerings like vehicle inspection, maintenance and insurance services. Our maintenance services will include tyre change, car wash, oil, battery or brakes replacement and air-conditioning repair or thermal insulators installation. 
In addition, Autoserv allows you to watch your vehicle as it passes through every stage at the maintenance workshop. Our premium maintenance services include everything from tyre change and car wash to oil, battery and brakes replacement, AC repair and thermal insulators installation. 
Under the terms of the joint servicing agreement we signed with Adnoc Distribution and Abu Dhabi Police, Al Masaood TBA will also take charge in managing the new vehicle inspection bays at the Sea Palace branch, helping customers gain easier access to vehicle inspection services in the area.

What are the premium services being offered at the Autoserv Sea Palace branch?
A visit to the Autoserv Sea Palace Branch is an experience. Offering quick and hassle-free service in a comfortable and peaceful environment, the highly advanced facility gives customers a premium VIP experience, complete with facilities like a ladies’ waiting room, kids’ play area and a cafe. We also offer a full range of products and services through our partnership with global leading brands such as First Stop, a tyre care concept by Bridgestone, offering multiband wheels, batteries, oil change spare parts and tyre changing services; and Car Dip, a franchise of Auto Care company, providing window tinting, ceramic coating and wheel protection services.

What are the future initiatives planned for the partnership?
As part of the agreement, Al Masaood TBA will sponsor the visit of specialists and engineers from Japan to conduct training workshops in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Police. These lectures and workshops are aimed at helping drivers gain a better understanding about the importance of regular tyre checking and ensure the quality and efficiency of nitrogen in accordance with global standards, to reduce cases of tyres explosion.  We have also participated in the annual traffic campaign called Summer without Accidents across Abu Dhabi to raise community awareness about tyre safety and the importance of following speed limits. The company is also planning to expand areas of joint cooperation with the Abu Dhabi police, in the near future.