Syed Abdus Salam, CEO, Index Exchange Image Credit: Supplied

Index Exchange has been associated with Central Bank of the UAE since its incorporation in the year 1976. Since more than four decades, Index Exchange has been at the forefront, working with the Central Bank of the UAE to strengthen the UAE’s regulatory environment and ensure adherence to the rules and regulations.

Index Exchange was among the first exchange houses of the UAE to send remittances through official banking channels. Index Exchange has strived over the years to promote remittances through valid and lawful means and we take pride in always disparaging remittances through illegal channels. With branches located at major commercial hubs of the UAE across Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman, Index Exchange has provided swift and transparent services to its customers enabling to reach their hard earned money to their loved ones on timely basis. Index Exchange also serves its commercial customers with a translucent approach combined with efficiency and convenience. Our customers take pride in choosing Index as their remittance partner which is evident from their long standing relationship with the Company over many years.

Index’s achievements over the years would not have been possible without unparalleled support and cooperation from its regulator, the Central Bank of the UAE. Index Exchange has always found Central Bank of the UAE highly professional in their approach and highly receptive to any suggestion for the betterment of the regulatory environment. We take utmost pleasure in wishing a prolific 40th Anniversary to Central Bank of the UAE and we believe that Central Bank of the UAE is highly equipped to meet the challenges faced by the economic and financial system of the country in ever changing global regulatory environment.