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Amelia Hewson is an Australian educator and manager who has lived and worked in the Middle East for more than 15 years. She has built a solid reputation with both private and public sector employers across the UAE for designing and implementing innovative training programmes. Her dynamic, interactive programmes quickly engage participants and have proven highly effective and impactful both for students and employers. As a specialist in adult training, Hewson provides consulting, training and capability development services to assist people and organisations to create value and grow. Hewson is now managing the eagerly awaited IFZA Academy.

What does IFZA do, and what are the goals of the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) Academy?

Ever wondered how new businesses get started in the UAE, or how foreign companies establish here? IFZA is the answer for those wishing to create businesses and gain trading licences in the UAE.

Whether you’re an individual or an existing company, either already here in the UAE or currently overseas, IFZA assists the would-be business owner through all aspects of the regulatory process — application, documentation, verification, licensing, visa issuing, office spaces, warehousing and residential accommodation.

The IFZA Academy ensures all those involved in these processes are professional and knowledgeable and can provide quality customer focus and efficient business outcomes.

The academy services both those involved in the process who live here in the UAE and many overseas partners who assist/represent our international clients.

The IFZA Academy supports the quality goals and professional development of those working with IFZA and those involved in the licensing sector in the UAE.

- Amelia Hewson, Manager, IFZA Academy

The academy’s easily accessible programmes ensure a highly knowledgeable and well-trained support community who can provide seamless and timely professional services to new clients.

Who can the academy assist?

The IFZA Academy supports the quality goals and professional development of those working with IFZA and those involved in the licensing sector in the UAE.

The academy is also accessible to international agents and entities who seek to assist or represent overseas-based investors wishing to establish businesses in the UAE.

The long-term goals of the academy also include delivering industry specific and customer service-related courses to members of the general public.

To be honest, at the end of the day, the academy seeks to assist everyone in the chain of business licensing processes but most importantly provide a quality and seamless experience to the customer.

How does the academy reach its students?

The IFZA Academy offers blended delivery methods including face-to-face training and on-line programmes. Leading-edge methodologies and training strategies ensure the programmes are practical, engaging, interactive and create value. All programmes embrace adult learning principles and have been designed for multicultural environments.

In your experience, what are the benefits of the academy’s programme?

The most valuable advantage of an academy such as this is its ability to create a learning culture within an organisation, and throughout all levels of that organisation. Programmes reach out to individuals and to groups, encouraging team participation and creating collective expertise insights. This allows individuals and team groupings to better understand how they can focus, improve and deliver exceptional results.

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