Lead Sam Bayat
Sam Bayat, Founder and Owner, Bayat Legal Services Image Credit: Supplied

It can be overwhelming for a prospective immigrant to choose the right investment immigration programme. How does Bayat Group help investors make the right decision and the investment process seamless?

It’s all about due diligence. We have stood strong in the industry as experts and we want to empower people to make the right decisions for their future. We carefully recommend approved investment projects from developers that have good track records. Considering that an applicant must hold shares of a project for five years, it is important to ensure that their shares are eligible for a citizenship application, eliminating many other risks.

Why is an immigration lawyer necessary, given the availability of online process?

First, in a temporary or permanent residency or a citizenship application, the presence of a lawyer or an immigration consultant is not a necessity. This also goes for online applications.

All applications are assessed based on the merits of an applicant. However, it is crucial to have a specialised professional who can assist the applicant. Immigration officers are not always fair or right in their decisions, so having an experienced professional or an immigration lawyer is definitively a plus in any type of application, online or physical.

What is the current Covid-19 situation in the Caribbean? Are these nations considered good options for investment migration?

The Covid-19 situation has had no bearing on the programmes and processing of application in the Caribbean. The pandemic has restricted movements as most countries are only allowing residents and citizens to return. For many, this pandemic has reinforced the need of unrestricted access and travel. This group is now opting for multiple citizenships and residencies to travel freely and not being restricted in case of future events. Therefore, the Caribbean programmes continue to be in high demand.

As one of the most reputed immigration law firms in the UAE, what are the critical components of your brand ethos?

Integrity plays a huge role in our business and we always protect our clients’ interests. We are proud of our ability to deliver practical and effective legal solutions and design individual strategies according to the client’s profile and needs.