Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has held an awareness session in Ajman to introduce to retailers the simplified online procedures for registering in the tax refund for tourists scheme.

The campaign, which was in collaboration with the chambers of commerce, was  intended for the merchants and other representatives from the private sector in all norther emirates.

The government allows visitors to recover the value added tax (VAT) incurred on their purchases through the refund scheme.

The FTA revealed that there has been a notable increase in the number of agreements signed with retailers to register them in the scheme, equip them with the necessary technology to implement it, and link them to airports and land and sea ports in the UAE.

The FTA said that dedicated offices would be established in various locations where tourists can recover taxes. It will be clearly outlining the taxes that are eligible to be refunded through the scheme’s digital system – said to be the “most advanced of its kind in the world.”

FTA director general Khalid Ali Al Bustani said that the number of retailers registered for the scheme has increased significantly, reflecting the success of the authority’s campaign to introduce it to the businesses that will be implementing it, as well as the necessary procedures to register for it.

The campaign includes awareness programmes offered through the FTA website and social media networks, in addition to newspapers and audio-visual media.

Al Bustani said  that extended meetings will be held with the representatives of retailers and shops in all seven emirates, to maintain direct and continuous contact with businesses.