A crucial part of pain management is a schedule. Get an app to help manage it Image Credit: Shutterstock

My Pain Diary

A crucial part of pain management is a schedule. This is to track your medication, regime and even the pain itself. My Pain Diary is an app available both on the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Whether depression, anxiety, Crohn’s, migraines or rheumatoid arthritis, the app lets you record all your necessary information, which you can then colour-code. Once you regularly start logging in your information, the app can start generating reports for you as well as your doctors. Through these reports, you can spot patterns such as whether weather affects your pain or if one dosage of medication or therapy works better than the other.

Pocket Yoga

The benefits of yoga have been proven time and again. Whether mental distress or physical pain, yoga can help in a number of ways. Pocket Yoga is a great app to have on your smart device, especially if you don’t have the free time to go to a yoga studio for classes. All you need to do it roll out your mat, put the app on in front of you and you’re set. Whether you’re an amateur or professional, the app has more than 200 poses that can be used in 27 different types of session. The app not only offers neatly illustrated poses but also explains how you should do them as well as watch your breathing. You also learn the positive effects of each pose on your body. The app keeps track of your progress and even makes you unlock new environments as an incentive to keep at it.

Muscle Trigger Point

It’s important to understand where pain originates from. Without going into words such as fascia, skeletal muscle and nodules, a trigger point is basically a certain area on your body that can instigate pain or discomfort in another point and can be solved using massages, depending on how it is induced. The Muscle Trigger point app, available on iOS and Android, helps you with trigger points and referral patterns for 108 muscles. There are 160 trigger points on the app with their corresponding referral patterns, to help you de-stress certain muscles and pains. While the app is suggested primarily for massage therapists or muscle therapists, it’s a great app to learn the source of pain if you’re interested in understanding where the pain starts from.

Universal Breathing: Pranayama

While you can’t avoid certain painful health-related issues, you can ensure your body is at its optimal functional capacity to fight your ailments. The Universal Breathing: Pranayama app, available on iOS and Android, teaches you to breathe more deeply and allows your lungs to function at their highest capacity. Learning to breathe slowly enables you to sleep better, keeps you active for longer, decreases blood pressure, keeps stress at bay and so much more. The app enhances your breathing technique and teaches you mindful inhaling and exhaling. You can start the app as a beginner and it takes you through courses until you become an advanced user. The app is also preloaded with music to help you train yourself to wake up fresh and sleep relaxed.


While trying to keep healthy and manage your pain, one crucial factor that comes into play is your downtime. Now we’ve all heard of white noise. It can be the sound of falling rain or cascading waves, but there are other colour sounds too. Pink noise is a lower frequency white noise, while brown noise is deeper than both pink and white noise. Each of these noises have their own benefits. While white noise can help you work, pink noise can enhance sleep and brown noise can help you relax. An app for that is myNoise. It features all of these sound patterns and even allows you to customise them to your own liking or according to your activity.