Competitiveness Ambassadors
Dubai's first set of Competitiveness Ambassadors are ready to to do their jobs, all 35 of them. Image Credit: John Benny/Gulf News

Dubai: The Dubai Competitiveness Office has seen the first batch pass out from the ‘Competitiveness Ambassador’ programme, done in partnership with Switzerland’s International Institute for Management Development (IMD).

The initiative was launched to build the technical capacity of Emiratis on the competitiveness front. The first batch comprised of 35 candidates selected from various government entities in Dubai. The professional diploma programme is aligned with the agenda of Dubai to empower its citizens in foresight, competitiveness and artificial intelligence as the city moves towards its goal of being the most competitive in the world.

“Developing a national cadre of exceptional caliber and future foresight has become a top priority in the agenda and vision guiding development in the UAE,” said Hani Al Hamli, Manager of the Dubai Competitiveness Office, itself part of Dubai Economy. “The Competitiveness Ambassador programme aims to instill the necessary skills and competitiveness culture within future leaders and key decision-makers in Dubai so that they can proactively adopt strategies.”

The diploma programme will create a cadre of Emiratis conscious about the technical components of achieving and sustaining competitiveness, including the fundamentals, methodologies, and best practices that will classify Dubai as the most competitive globally.

The government executives enrolled in the programme will also learn to develop studies, research and reports as well as analyse data and predict the outcomes of improved competitiveness for Dubai. Ultimately, the programme aims to set a unified template under the supervision of DCO to be a permanent reference for competitiveness strategies and their application all Dubai Government entities can implement together, or separately.