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Nutridor leverages the best of science, innovation and product expertise to provide families with a solid foundation for their health. Keeping this vision in mind, the company continues to explore healthy offerings and dairy benefits for consumers. “It is the task of our research and development team to apply science and expertise to create products that combine great taste with healthy benefits,” says Sankha Biswas, CEO, Nutridor. “We passionately believe that our research can make better food so that more and more people live a better life. Our top priorities remain to continue innovating in order to better our product offering within the dairy and beverages segment.”

Even though Nutridor is a new entrant in the Middle East market, it is armed with over 30 years of experience in the industries of Africa and South East Asia continents and this helped it handle the sudden pandemic situation. The company was better prepared than most of the competition to provide products through its experienced supply chain expertise at the time of requirement for consumers. “Nutridor followed the basic principles of employee safety and precautions whilst still maintaining its product availability in the markets,” says Biswas. “Nutridor relies on its rich experience provided by its parent company TGI Group.”

During any major calamities, the food industry becomes especially important and since Nutridor is in the long-life category, the products provide a better food security solution then the fresh ones. “I would say our biggest achievement is the ever-growing number of satisfied consumers,” says Biswas.

Collaboration, knowledge development with continuous improvement programmes are in place as a key pillar of our strategy.

- Sankha Biswas, CEO, Nutridor

With its dairy brand Abevia, Nutridor operates on its diversified portfolio and resilient product offering coupled with price-ladder variety across all socio-economic segments. Extensive and entrenched route to market with product innovation at its core, takes Abevia towards the healthy consumer minds. The new healthy food and lifestyle choices of millennials, market research and consumer feedback data guides the brand to invest in product innovation, brand marketing, and social media campaigns towards consumer value addition.

Nutridor uses innovative technology to keep up with the ever-evolving food industry. R&D has been in the company’s core, technology deployment a habit, and it continuously strives to outperform its own set of goals in the food and dairy industry.

“Our endeavour of updated dairy innovation and technology has prompted heavy investment in the field,” explains Biswas. “Collaboration, knowledge development with continuous improvement programmes are in place as a key pillar of our strategy. We firmly believe that our research can make better food so that more and more people live a better life.”

Nutridor has great products with excellent price laddered offering. It always relies on its product qualities as the company only uses high-quality ingredients sourced from Europe and New Zealand.

“We are here to stay and in no rush when it comes market penetration,” says Biswas. “We are steady on target in reaching our consumers through our retail and wholesale partners and focused on reaching our loyal consumers closer to their arm length. I think the challenging situation is over and we are presently on a solid growth path.”

The company will continue its journey in 2021 with the same enthusiasm and firmly believing that the market situation will continue to improve as the vaccination programmes continue to improve the pandemic. “We are prepared to seize tomorrow’s opportunities and can build on the right portfolio of products and brands to serve our consumers in a balanced array of geographies,” says Biswas. “With our consumers’ constant support, we will continue to generate profitable and sustainable growth.”